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$36 Resident Agent, Inc.

$36 - Resident Agent, Inc. is a California corporation. We act as the Registered Agent, Resident Agent, or Corporate Agent for both Domestic companies (those formed in California) and Foreign companies (those formed in states other than California). We also sell forms to use in creating and operating Corporations and LLCs.

Our Goals

To help average people benefit from tax and liability advantages of corporations or LLCs.To provide great products and service to people at economical prices.To provide Corporate Agent services in California at affordable prices.To help underprivileged families pay for child care. Our intent is to increase the portion of a family’s earned income that is available for living expenses, thereby increasing the incentives to work or to find a job. We believe that when people have jobs, they will be happier, make greater contributions to society, and set good examples for children. An aspect of this endeavor is to set up child care centers in inner city areas.As a follow-on endeavor, we intend to build recreation facilities for the use of young people in economically underprivileged areas – similar or identical to Boys and Girls Clubs. We expect that these will provide additional outlets for young people and help them grow into self-motivated adults.

Our Privacy Policy

We honor your privacy. We never sell or give your name, phone number, email, or any other private information about you to anyone not directly involved in the transactions you have contacted us for. We appreciate your positive and constructive comments.

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1840 S Gaffey St, Ste 352, San Pedro, CA 90731


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