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Do-It-Yourself Corporation (Download)

You’ll set up your Corporation with the Secretary of State (SOS) or other state agency.  We provide:

A link to the state agency which handles the formation of Corporations in your state.

Forms and instructions to set up and run your Corporation.

Lots of extra information about income taxes, liability protection, and more.

You’ll get step by step instructions for running a Corporation; your Corporation Bylaws; Corporation documents including minutes of meetings; and information on tax planning, liability planning, federal Employer ID Number (EIN), banking, medical program, and pension plan; Customer Support for one year.

Your Do-it-Yourself Corporation purchase comes with the following: 

  • Link to Check Name Availability (only for CA, NV, or WY) & Address of websites to Check Name Availability for the other states.
  • Link to File Articles of Incorporation (only for CA, NV, or WY) & Address of websites to File Articles of Incorporation for the other states.
  • Banking Instructions for Corporations.
  • Tax Planning Information for Corporations.
  • Liability Planning for Corporations.
  • Other Considerations for Corporations.
  • Federal Tax ID (EIN) instructions: online in 15 minutes.
  • How to Type a Corporate Seal on your Computer.
  • Customer Support (for one year after purchasing the Do-it-Yourself Corporation package).
  • Corporate Documents Delivered to you by email.
  • Step by Step Instructions for Running Your Corporation.
  • Corporate Bylaws.
  • Minutes for Annual and Special Meetings.
  • Notice of Annual and Special Meetings.
  • Annual Checklist.
  • Corporate Resolutions
  • Form a Corporate Medical Program.
  • Form a Corporate Pension Plan.

NOTE:  You must complete any forms and pay any fees charged by whichever state you choose to create your corporation in. 

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