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Register a Foreign Corporation In California

Register a Foreign (out-of-state) corporation in California.  RA charges $89 for our services, which includes Corporate Agent service for one year.  The state charges fees totaling $126 for registering.  Therefore, the total cost to register is $215.

Register a Foreign Corporation in California

A corporation formed in a state other than California is considered a Foreign Corporation.  If you wish to conduct business in California, you may need to register your corporation with the California Secretary (SOS).  RA can handle the registration process for you and act as your Corporate Agent for Service of Process, often called your Resident Agent or Registered Agent.  RA’s fee for this service is $89, which includes having RA act as your Corporate Agent for one year.  The SOS charges fees totaling $126 for registering, making the total which you must provide us for our fee plus the SOS’s fees equal $215.

The California SOS also charges an annual fee of $26, which you must pay when you submit your Statement of Information.

California also charges an income tax on corporations and LLCs which is a minimum of $800 per year.

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