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We'll set up YOUR Nevada Corp

We'll set up your Nevada corporation with the Nevada Secretary of State (SOS) and provide you:

All the instructions you need about running a corporation

One year's service as your Nevada Registered Agent for Service of Process

Customer Support for one year


Your Nevada corporation purchase comes with the following: 
  • Check Name Availability We check it.
  • State Fees to Form Your Corporation We pay them.
  • File Articles of Incorporation We file it.
  • Banking Instructions for Corporations
  • Tax Planning Information for Corporations
  • Liability Planning for Corporations
  • Other Considerations for Corporations
  • Federal Tax ID (EIN): instructions on filing
  • Type a Corporation Seal with your Computer
  • Customer Support
  • Corporation Documents Delivered by email
  • Corporation Documents Delivered on a CD $10 (optional)
  • Step by Step Instructions to run a Corporation
  • Corporate Bylaws
  • Minutes for Annual and Special Meetings
  • Notice of Annual and Special Meetings
  • Annual Checklist
  • Format for Corporate Resolutions:
  • Plan for a Corporation Medical Program
  • Plan for a Corporation Pension Plan
  • Compliance Reminders
  • (1st year) Registered Agent Service in California (1st year)


(1)  The Nevada Secretary of State does not license corporations. For licensing requirements, contact the city and/or county where the principal place of business is located and/or the state agency with jurisdiction over the activities of the corporation.

(2)  If the first three (3) Corporation names you request with us are rejected by the SOS, we'll make suggestions to help you pick an acceptable name.  Remember that if the first three (3) names you request are rejected by the SOS, you will be charged $10 for every subsequent group of three (3) names which you propose.  See our Terms and Conditions for further information.

(3)  You must DOWNLOAD & RETURN the form provided at Checkout to us.

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